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Personal Training

Challenging, Progressive, Tailored


Each individual is unique so my strength training programmes consist of dedicated one-to-one sessions, specifically tailored to your individual goals.  


Your personalised plan will be progressive and increasingly challenging.  Each session includes mobility exercises, strengthening exercises and stretching to ensure you not only become stronger, but also more stable, balanced and flexible.  


My priority is teaching my clients, controlled movements and proper technique throughout each exercise in order to minimise risk and maximise results.  I understand my clients have busy schedules so my programmes are designed to work within their lifestyles and I am available to train clients at a number of locations, including private homes and gyms.  


Tailored Programmes

Your programme is customised to achieve your personal goals

  • Sports Performance

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • General Health and Fitness

  • Fat Loss

  • Flexibility and Mobility Conditioning

  • Rehabilitation

  • Toning and Sculpting

Getting to know you

What to expect during your first training session...

  • During your initial session, I will conduct a functional biomechanical movement analysis in order to determine your current fitness, strengths, limitations and imbalances.

  • We will discuss your current activity level and your short and long term fitness goals.

  • You will then be guided through a warm-up routine, an entire series of strength exercises and finish with assisted stretching.



You can choose to purchase individual sessions, or packages...


A one hour session at the standard rate

CI $90


11 one hour sessions for the price of 10

saving you CI $90

CI $900


28 one hour sessions for the price of 25

saving you $270

CI $2,250

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