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Triathlon Training

More than just swimming, cycling and running...

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Although a triathlon is swimming, cycling and running, there is more to the sport than simply practicing these three disciplines independently.  


Whether you are new to triathlon or you are a seasoned Ironman competitor, one of the most effective ways of improving your race times is learning race specific skills for swimming, cycling, running, transitions 1 & 2 and how to put all 5 components together in the most efficient way possible.  


It can take hours and hours of training to take just a minute or two off your swim, bike or run time, whereas a one hour Triathlon Training Session with me can help you take minutes off your overall time.

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Tailored Programmes

In one-to-one training sessions, I teach multisport athletes:

  • Skills for Transitions 1 & 2 (including the Flying Bike mount and dismount)

  • Strategies for Transition Setup

  • Brick Training

  • Bike Handling and Cornering Skills

  • Fueling and hydrating for a race

  • Beach Starts, Beach Exits and Deep Water Starts

  • Open water swimming and racing techniques, including:

    • Sighting

    • Drafting

    • Turning


You can choose to purchase individual sessions, or packages...


A one hour session at the standard rate

CI $90


6 one hour sessions

saving you $40

CI $500

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