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Valuable for runners

of every level

Most people are never actually taught how to run properly.  Runners assume running is a natural movement and give little thought to correct technique; instead, putting their focus on tracking speed and distance. 


Elite and professional runners put countless hours into refining their run technique because they know it is the most effective way to prevent injury and improve speed.


Arm, torso, hip, leg and foot movements all play essential roles in running and it is imperative that they all follow the correct movement patterns.  

Video Analysis provides slow motion and frame by frame insight into an athlete's movement patterning: b
y filming an athlete from multiple angles while running, I can identify muscular imbalances, possible causes of running injuries and areas for improvement in both efficiency and speed.

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What to expect

  • I will film you running on a treadmill from both front and side views.

  • The footage will be uploaded to my laptop and I will perform a biomechanics analysis with you in both regular and slow motion.  I will examine your body angles and asymmetries while providing feedback on various elements of your form and technique.

  • Throughout the subsequent lessons, I will have you practice drills both on and off the treadmill to improve your symmetry, movement patterns, technique, strength and speed.


Running Technique Coaching is offered in a block of six sessions to ensure that you are successful in changing your technique and reaching your goal.


6 one hour sessions

Including video analysis


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