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With you every step of the way

How do you go from being an unfit 49 and a half year old couch potato struggling to manage a 5k in under an hour in to a fit and healthy 50 year old running multiple half marathons at average times under 2 hours?


Simple as it turns out: you contact Patrick Harfield at Cayman Tri Training, who specializes in training each triathlon discipline individually or as a combo package. 


I can't recommend Patrick highly enough, he guides you from the beginning of your fitness journey, agreeing your goals and aspirations and is with you every step of the way, providing you with easy to understand and dynamic training plans that suit your ability, more than just your core training he advises you on aspects such as technique,hydration, nutrition and injury prevention to name a few added extras, always making himself available if you have questions, concerns or just need some advice.


In the words of a well known athletic brand ‘Just Do it’ - you wont regret it.

Eugene Nolan
Grand Cayman
Patrick is top drawer

Patrick was my personal trainer at Matt Roberts gym in London for around two and a half years.


The first thing to say is that "Patrick is top drawer".

He has a huge reservoir of knowledge and you can learn alot simply by just chatting to him between exercises.

He's improved my running from a technical viewpoint (thereby helping to lower my Parkrun times) and the programmes he puts together are always varied, challenging and well thought out.


He's also a "trainer for all seasons" as I discovered when I broke my collar bone in early 2017.  As soon as I was able to resume light activity, Patrick initiated a series of targeted routines aimed at gently cajoling me back to full strength.  This was very successful and I was delighted with being able to resume my other, wider sporting activities sooner rather than later.


Overall, Patrick is the best trainer I have known throughout a number of city gyms and I'm sure he will be a success in the Cayman Islands.

Khurram Khan
He worked on significantly improving my running technique.

Patrick took me on as an enthusiastic plodder in his late 40s who wanted to run better. By the time
he'd finished with me a couple of years later I had run 12 marathons, including Antarctica...twice.

The peak was the World Marathon Challenge - 7 marathons, 7 continents, in 7 days which I completed in


With Patrick's assistance, I massively improved my core strength, my quads and legs had
become enablers, and he worked on significantly improving my running technique. More importantly
than even that my life has changed through these experiences and for that I will be thankful for the
hours Patrick put into training me.


Next stop at 51 years old...2018 Marathon des Sables, can't wait!

Steve Hearn
Crawley Down, England
Training with Patrick has been a revelation

When I first met him at Matt Roberts gym in London 4 years ago I was a middle-aged woman relentlessly gaining weight, decidedly out of shape and totally unfit. He introduced me to a whole new world of high intensity training using both body weight and weights to gradually build me up from the core outwards.


Even though I am in my late 50s I have progressively gained muscle mass, lost fat and a recent bone density scan showed my bones to be well above average! This I put down to Patrick's training. I now ski again and run and attend spin classes regularly.


He has transformed my life. He is a details man, so important when on the path of self-improvement and breaking old bad habits. His encouragement, in depth knowledge and kindness have kept me on the straight and narrow. I can wholeheartedly recommend Patrick as a very special personal trainer who is totally professional and incredibly knowledgeable whether one is trying to simply future proof oneself or indeed training for a triathlon or marathon.


We will miss him. Lucky Caymans!

Dr C. Dakin
Kent, England
I trained with Patrick for over five years...

...and enjoyed the wide variety and flexibility of his fitness programmes.  I became stronger, fitter and lighter and our shared enthusiasm for sport and exercise meant we always had something to talk about.


Perhaps most of all, Patrick's good humour in listening to golf anecdotes speaks volumes.  

I would recommend him to anyone.

Nick McLeod-Clarke
Weybridge, England
I have never felt fitter

I have had PT sessions with Patrick twice a week for the last two years. He is an absolutely fantastic trainer. Not only has he developed PT sessions that have pushed me but he also has given me advice in relation to how I can fit in training outside the gym and regarding my nutrition. As a result, I have never felt fitter.

Katy Wilson


Thanks for taking the time to read my testimonials!

I take great pride in the service I've delivered to my customers over the years,

and in seeing them go from strength to strength through their training.

If you would like to book a session or have any questions at all

then please don't hesitate to get in touch using the details below,

or take a look at the services I offer.

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