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Significantly improve your stroke efficiency and overall swimming velocity...

Swim Analysis is valuable for swimmers of all abilities.

Many swimmers rely on tracking external indicators like pace and stroke count to measure progress but often the fastest way to improve swim speed is by fine-tuning technique.

Even small adjustments in your stroke technique can significantly improve your stroke efficiency and overall swimming velocity.

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...multiple vantage points

Video Analysis is an essential tool for analysing swim technique.

By filming an athlete from multiple angles, both above and below the water, I can identify technical faults with the stroke that might not be identifiable from the poolside.

Video Analysis also allows you to view your swim stroke from various vantage points, helping you translate my verbal instructions into your physical stroke improvements.

What to expect

Sessions consist of...

  • I will film you swimming from both front and side views, above and below the water.

  • The footage will be uploaded to my laptop and I will go through it with you in both regular and slow motion, while providing feedback on various elements of your stroke, identifying both strengths and weaknesses.


  • Throughout the subsequent lessons (in either the pool, open water or both), a comprehensive step-by-step stroke correction process will be conducted.  During some of these lessons, I will have you use various training aids to assist with your skill changes and developments.


  • Follow-up Video Analysis can be offered. 



Swimming Technique Coaching is offered in a block of six sessions to ensure that you are successful in changing your technique and reaching your goal.


6 one hour sessions

including video analysis


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