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Prepare, Achieve, Maintain...

Programming is a customised training plan, designed to help you prepare for a particular race, achieve a specific goal or maintain a certain level of fitness between races or during the off season.

Your personalised training program will be designed to integrate the necessary training sessions for your race or goal into your available training hours and scheduling requirements.

Whether you are new to triathlon, shooting for a podium spot, or even a World Champion slot, I can design a program specific for you.


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Moulded to you

Your program is customised to achieve your personal goals

With a custom training program, I design the weekly sessions to be progressive so you peak and taper at the correct time for your event.

Your circumstances may change as you work towards your goal, so unlike stock training programs, my personalised training programs evolve and remain flexible around any changes that may arise throughout the process.

By monitoring your training schedule and progress, I provide accountability, feedback on your training progress and challenges and am available to answer your questions along the way.


What to expect

Your personalised Program will include...

  • Endurance building workouts

  • Customised intervals to develop speed and power

  • Optimally designed brick sessions

  • Sport specific drills

  • Sessions planned in your own personal, premium Training Peaks account which shows all your workout statistics and details for each session 

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An ongoing, tailored monthly service (including a Training Peaks premium account)

From $175 per month

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